unites three unique musical voices to play music that defies traditional notions of genre. With their idiosyncratic blend of rock, folk, world music and dark jazz, RAMBL! creates a sound that could be described as "Imaginary Soundtracks".

Our Debut Album is out! 

RAMBL! - "Wanderlust"

Digital Release, 2023. Bensnburner Records.
1 Road Movie
2 Desert Song
3 Dear Someone
4 Red Curtains 
5 Waltz#1
6 Heart Shaped-Box
7 Lullaby
8 Minor
Florian Möbes - guitar, lapsteel
Christoph Utzinger - bass
Kevin Chesham - drums


8th August 2023BeJazz SommerfestivalBern (CH)
21st September 2023Drahtesel.chLiebefeld (CH)
10th May 2024ZollyphonZollikofen (CH)